Download math learning tool (required) Class XII MA (revised)

Download math learning tool (required) Class XII MA – Learning devices are tools or equipment to carry out processes that allow teachers and students to carry out learning activities.

The learning process can run well if a teacher has planned it well through the learning implementation plan or what we are familiar with RPP.

Each teacher in the Education Unit is obliged to prepare a complete and systematic lesson plan so that learning can take place interactively, inspiring, fun, challenging, efficient, motivating students to participate actively, and provide sufficient space for initiative, creativity, and independence in accordance with the talents, interests, and physical and psychological development of students.

Learning planning is designed in the form of syllabus and lesson plans as well as the preparation of media and learning resources, assessment tools, and learning scenarios.

In this post I will share the learning tool file Mathematics (required) class XII for free which consists of Prota, Promis, syllabus, RPP, KKM and other supporting components in one file, among others :

  • Cover
  • Code Of Ethics
  • Teacher’s Pledge
  • Teacher Discipline
  • Time Allocation
  • Teacher Habituation
  • Journal Of Teacher Teaching
  • Time Allocation Analysis
  • KI KD analysis
  • KKM
  • Syllabus
  • Annual Program
  • Semester Program
  • RPP

For teachers who teach Mathematics (Required) especially Class XII and do not have a learning device then God willing, this article will be very helpful at all. Please download the file below to be References in the manufacture of learning devices that fit the conditions of each Madrasah.

For RPP math X download HERE
For RPP math Xi download HERE
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