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National Assessment (AN) is an evaluation conducted by the government for mapping the quality of the education system at the level of primary and secondary education units using minimum competency assessment instruments, character surveys, and learning environment surveys. In practice AN can only be implemented using a computer-based test system. While the test mode that can be selected is a computer test mode online (online) and semi online (semi online).

The mechanism and procedure for implementing AN refers to the Standard Operational Procedure (POS) an set by the head of the Education Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment Agency. Furthermore, matters of a technical nature in the field are described in more detail in the Technical Guidelines (Technical Guidelines) for the implementation of AN.

The purpose of the issuance of the Anbk technical guidelines in 2022 is to provide technical guidance to an implementers at the central, regional, and education units in implementing AN in accordance with the An Post. Not all parts of heading AN are included in this Technical Guide but technical matters that are considered important and have not been listed in heading AN are clarified through this technical guide.

It is expected that with the technical implementation of this AN, all stakeholders in the implementation of AN can carry out AN properly so as to produce information that is beneficial for the improvement and progress of the learning process.


This technical manual is prepared based on the regulation of the head of the Education Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment Agency, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology number: 013/H/PG.00/2022 on Standard Operating Procedures (POS) of the National Assessment in 2022 which is intended for Provincial Technical Teams, District/City technical teams, Proctors, technicians, and supervisors. In the framework of the implementation of the National Assessment (AN), the National Assessment implementation committee at the central level facilitates the test delivery system.

This is intended to facilitate the process of implementing the National Assessment so that the data generated is faster, precise, accurate, and accountable.

The following is a general explanation of some of the terms used in technical instructions:

  1. Central Level Executor – Is the element responsible for the implementation of AN at the central level, consisting of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Central Technical Team – It is a team formed to assist Provincial Technical Teams, City/District Technical Teams and educational units in the implementation of AN.
  3. Provincial Level Executive – Is the element responsible for the implementation of AN at the provincial level consists of LPMP, Provincial Education Office and Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the province.
  4. Provincial Technical Team – Is a team formed by The Local Education Office to assist the Education Unit at the level of Vocational, High School, SLB and Technical Team District/City on the implementation of AN.
  5. The Technical Team Of The Mora Regional Office – Is a team formed by the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs to assist education units in the form of Madrasah Education, boarding schools, and religious schools in the implementation of AN.
  6. District/City Level Implementers – Is the element responsible for the implementation of the AN at the district/city level erdiri Education Office District/City and the Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs District/City.
  7. District/City Technical Team – Is a team formed by the District/City office to assist education units in junior high school, elementary school and equality education in the implementation of AN.
  8. Implementing Education Unit Level – Is the element responsible for the implementation of AN in the Educational Unit.
  9. ANBK online mode – Computer-Based National Assessment (ANBK) Online Mode is where an internet connection is required by the proctor computer and client computer during the test.
  10. ANBK Semi online mode – Computer-based National Assessment (ANBK) Semi Online Mode is where the internet connection is only needed when the synchronization process some time before the test, active computer Proctor, token release, and upload data answers test participants. While access to the test by the participants when the implementation does not require an internet network.
  11. Computer Proctor – Proctor computer is a computer that is used as a Control Center for the implementation of AN in each test room.
  12. Client Computer – The client computer is the computer used by the test taker to carry out AN.
  13. Superintendent – Is an educator and/or educational personnel who is given the task of supervising the implementation of the space, hereinafter referred to as the space supervisor.
  14. Proctor – The Proctor is an officer in the education unit appointed to be responsible for operating the An application system on the proctor’s computer during the test.
  15. Technician – Technicians are officers in educational units appointed to be responsible for building, installing and maintaining computer networks during the implementation of AN.
  16. Proctor ID-the Proctor ID is a unique code used by the proctor on AN application system.
  17. Proctor Browser-A Proctor Browser is an application that runs on a cross-platform operating system on a proctor computer during an online mode.
  18. Virtual Hard Disk-Virtual Hard Disk is a hard disk image file used by Microsoft Windows Virtual PC hereinafter referred to as VHD.
  19. Virtual Box-Virtual Box is virtualization software that can be used to execute an additional operating system VHD inside the main operating system.
  20. Exambrowser Admin-Exambrowser Admin is an application that runs on the windows operating system platform on a proctor computer to run VHD applications through VirtualBox in semi-online mode.
  21. CBTSync-CBTSync is an application that manages data traffic that is run through the Exambrowser Admin/Proctor Browser application. Also functions as a test manager such as, synchronization, monitoring the activities of test participants, token activation, test group activation, upload results.
  22. Exambrowser client – Exambrowser client is an application that runs in a cross platform operating system on the client computer during an ongoing.
  23. Token-Token is a random code that changes at a certain period and is used by test takers to access the questions.
  24. File Backup Source-file Backup Source is a file duplication process or a copy of a collection of information/data stored in External Storage media.
  25. Topology-topology is the arrangement and linkage of computers in a computer network. Topology is arranged so that computers can be connected to each other. In this case how the proctor computer can connect with the central server and client computers.
  26. Anbk page-Anbk page is the main page accessed by an implementer as a medium for anbk communication and information.


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