Excel EXACT formulas: how to use Exact functions in Microsoft Excel


Excel Exact formulas: how to use the exact function to compare or match data in excel.

Excel Exact Formula Function To Compare Two Pieces Of Text

Excel EXACT functions

Have you ever meant matching data in excel? then you want the two pieces of text you are comparing to be sensitive to differences in uppercase and lowercase characters.

If yes, then try using EXACT function on the excel formula you are using.

In microsoft excel functions or exact formulas belong to the category of text functions. In an excel formula, Exact function used to match two pieces of text case sensitive. This means that this function is sensitive to differences in Upper and lower case.

The Exact function will returns the logical value TRUE if the text values are compared identical or exactly the same and vice versa will returns false logical value if the Compared text is not the same.

Now how to use this excel Exact function in an excel formula?

How to use Excel EXACT functions

How to use the Exact function in an excel formula follows the following writing syntax:

EXACT(Teks1; Teks2)

Arguments Text1 in the Exact function is the first text string to be compared, while Text2 is a text string as a comparator for Text1.

The Exact function is suitable for use if you intend to compare each row of data in 2 different columns in excel by considering the differences in the size of the letters used.

Exact functions are case sensitive, but ignore cell formatting differences.

If you intend to compare 2 columns of data and then want to know the unique text and text that has duplicates in other columns please read on the following page: The formula looks for the same data from two different columns

Excel EXACT formula example

Consider some examples of using excel exact formulas in the following figure:

Excel Exact Formula Function Example


In the first example the Exact function is used to compare the value of cells B2 and C2. The two texts in The compared cells match and exactly match both the text characters and the size of the letters so that the Exact formula produces a value TRUE.

In the second example the exact formula used is:


The text value in cell B3 is “Class“, while in cell C3 is “Excel“. These two texts are obviously different so the Exact function produces a value FALSE which means that the two texts being compared are not the same.

In the 3rd example the excel formula in cell D4 is:


The two text values compared are “Books“and “books“. Although equally composed by letter B-U-K-U these two texts are considered different or not identical because the first letter in the first text uses uppercase letters while the second text uses lowercase letters. By the Exact function these two texts are considered different and the result of the formula is FALSE.

The same is true in example number 4, where there is a difference in the use of uppercase and lowercase letters.

Now consider the example numbers 5 and 6 in the image above.

Each text in The compared Cells looks the same. but why in example number 6 produces a value FALSE which means that the Exact function assumes that the text being compared or matched in example number 6 is considered different or not the same?

If you look more closely at example number 6, the second text is actually contains spaces at the beginning of the text, that is what causes the text compared In example number 6 to be considered different.

Especially for Case Number 6, if you want to remove excess spaces in a text with microsoft excel you can use excel TRIM function.

Thus how to use exact functions in microsoft excel, next time we will connect with the use of exact formulas in doing case sensitive data Lookup or pekas uppercase and lowercase.

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