How to create an organizational structure in Word automatically

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Maybe you have been involved in an organization such as campus organizations, youth organizations, religious organizations and others. Usually in an organization there is management where the administrators who coordinate the running of an organization such as executing programs that have been designed together, solving problems in the organization, managing members and so on.

In an organization we also need an organizational structure. Organizational structure is a hierarchical line that describes the various components that make up the organization, where each individual or human resources within the scope of the organization and then the position and function of each.

With the organizational structure also we can know how the work is divided, grouped and formally coordinated.

Because of the importance of organizational structure, then in this discussion Blogger Toraja will discuss about how to create an organizational structure in Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019. Let’s just listen to the following discussion.

How to create an organizational structure in Word

One application on a laptop or PC that you can use to create an organizational structure automatically is Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is Microsoft’s flagship word processing application where through this application you can create, Edit, Insert and format various documents.

MS Word also has a variety of features that are very helpful to its users, one of which is the SmartArt feature where you can use this feature to create various kinds of smart graphics, one of which is the organizational structure chart.

Here is a tutorial or how to create an organizational structure in Microsoft Word automatically and easily:

  • Open the Microsoft Word application program.
  • If it is already in the worksheet, please type all the positions in the organization that will be included in the organizational structure chart. For example, I want to create an organizational structure in Junior High School (SMP) with the following positions.

  • Next we will create a hierarchy in positions such as the principal overseeing the curriculum Waka. Likewise Waka curriculum oversees homeroom. To create this hierarchy we use the Tab key on the keyboard. If it is then the result as shown below

  • Block all positions to be created organizational structure then right click and select Cut (Ctrl+X)

  • Then click the Insert menu and select SmartArt

  • Then automatically the Smart Graphic dialog box will appear. Go to Hierarchy and click Organization Chart. If already click OK

  • Wait a while until the organization Chart graphic design appears on the worksheet. There you will also see the Type your text here dialog box, where you can enter the organization’s position into the existing graphic design. Please press Ctrl+A and then press the Delete key on the keyboard to delete bullets and text on the chart

  • If it has been deleted, please press Ctrl+V to enter the position of the organization that we have created and copied earlier. If so, the results will appear as shown below.

  • Then you can adjust the appearance of the organizational structure chart that has been created such as changing the color of the chart, font type, font size and others using the tools in the SmartArt Design menu tab

The organizational structure chart that has been created in the Microsoft Word application program can then be saved or printed directly for use in the organization you lead. Easy isn’t it?

This is my talk about How to create an organizational structure in Word automatically, hopefully this article can be helpful and useful. Good luck, thank you.

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