How to display Ruller in WPS Office

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When you first install the WPS Office application installation on an Android phone, iPhone, laptop or PC, the ruler or ruler does not appear on the work Page either in WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet or WPS Presentation. Therefore, in order to use ruller we need to pop it up first to the working page.

Ruller or ruler is very important when we are editing documents because with ruller we can easily manage paragraphs, tabs, tables, text/text, graphics, images and document structure.

Now in this discussion, Toraja Blogger will explain how to display ruller or ruler in WPS Office. Let’s just listen to the following discussion.

How to display Ruller in WPS Office

Ruller feature is only available on WPS Office laptop or PC (Windows, MAC, Linux) while in WPS Office HP Android and iOS (iPhone), this feature is not yet available.

Here’s how to display Ruller or ruler in WPS Office:

  • Open the WPS Office application
  • If you are already in the WPS Office application, click documents
  • Then create a blank document
  • Wait a few moments then you will be redirected to the working page of WPS Office documents.
  • To bring up the ruller or ruler, click the View menu and then check the ruler

  • Then automatically Ruller or ruler will immediately appear on the WPS Office Work page at the top and left side.

Well how? Pretty easy isn’t it?

This is my talk about How to display Ruller in WPS Office, hopefully this article can be helpful and useful. Good luck, thank you.

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