How to remove photo Background in WPS Office

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WPS Office is a set of office work tools where through this application you can create and manage various documents such as PDF, Word documents (WPS Writter), Excel (WPS Spreadsheet), and PowerPoint presentations (WPS Presentation).

You can also download and run this application on almost all devices such as Android, iOS, MAC, Windows and Linux.

WPS Office has a number of features that you can use to manage documents, one of which is the remove background Photo or image feature.

So if you are temporarily editing a document and the document wants to add an image to it with a note that the image must be removed first, you do not need to use a photo editing application to remove the image background because everything can be done through the WPS Office application.

Remove bakground feature is only available for WPS Office on Windows, MAC and Linux while for HP Android and iPhone, this feature is not yet available.

Now in this discussion, Toraja bloggers will explain how to remove photo backgrounds, images and logos in WPS Office. Let’s just listen to the following discussion:

How to remove Photo / Image Background in WPS Office

In this article I will remove the photo background using WPS documents. This method is also the same if you want to remove the background in WPS Spreadsheets or WPS presentations. Here’s the tutorial:

  • Open the WPS Office application program
  • If WPS Office is already open, please specify the type of file to be created such as here I will create a document

  • Next Create a blank document

  • Wait a few moments then you will be redirected to the document WPS worksheet. Please enter the image that will be removed by clicking the Insert menu of the image

  • Go to the folder where you saved the image ③ select the image ③ Open

  • Then the image or photo will be added to the WPS Office Work page. To remove the photo background, please click on the photo and then go to the image Tools menu and select Set Transparent Color.

  • If the pointer has changed to like a pen, please click on the background image to be removed then automatically the background image will be erased automatically

  • Thus you have successfully removed the background using the WPS Office application.
  • Done.

After successfully removing the background, you can create or replace the image background as you wish. You can also edit the image such as cropping the image, adjusting the lighting, giving color and others to make the image look more attractive.

If you want to remove the background using WPS Spreadsheets or WPS Presentation, the method is almost the same when we remove the background using WPS Document.

This is my talk about How to remove photo Background in WPS Office, hopefully this article can be helpful and useful. Good luck, thank you.

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