How to tidy up messy objects in PowerPoint

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Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation Maker application program that is quite popular today. Through this application you can create interesting presentation slides by adding various objects to the slide such as text, images, shapes, videos, audio, lines and others.

But sometimes when inserting a lot of objects in PowerPoint presentation slides, the objects we insert become messy and not chaotic placement. When trying to tidy up the object, its position is not even parallel to one another.

Fortunately, PowerPoint has a feature that you can use to tidy up objects such as text, images, shapes and others automatically. The name of the feature is Auto Fix.

So the way the Auto Fix feature works in PPT PowerPoint is to recognize the pattern we use to arrange objects, so Auto Fix will immediately tidy up the object according to the pattern we have arranged.

For more details, here’s how to tidy up messy objects in PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 or later versions. Let’s immediately listen to the following discussion.

How to tidy up messy objects in PowerPoint

Here’s how to tidy up messy image, text / writing, shape, etc. objects in Microsoft PowerPoint easily:

  • Open the MS PowerPoint application program
  • Then open the PPT file containing the messy object and it will be tidied up. For example here I have 4 create a box-shaped shape whose position is messy and will be aligned to be neat.

  • Next block all objects to be tidied up

  • Then right click and select Auto Fix

  • Now thus all the messy objects that have been tidied up in this case are aligned.

Well how? Pretty easy isn’t it?

This is my talk about How to tidy up messy objects in PowerPoint, hopefully this article can be helpful and useful. Good luck, thank you.

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